Mac & Jac's Tonic rhyme

undressing for Olivia



Late Late Breakfast Show

A nice interview to promote the release of Two Of A Kind in the UK. Olivia films a spoof commercial for tonic with the rhyme:

Is this for me?"When you're down in the dumps
Or recovering from mumps
Then this Mac & Jac's tonics the best
It'll fill you with vigor
And maintain your figure
and even put hairs on your chest."

The last line makes Olivia ask "Is this for me?"

For the interview the host, Noel Edmonds, is dressed smartly in a Tux and Olivia tells him she feels too casual. He then proceeds to take his clothes off with Olivia protesting "Excuse me". To the relief, or disappointment, of the audience Noel is full dressed beneath his Tux.

Noel reads out the TOAK press release from the film company as it sounds strange to him "A pair of star matched lovers in whose unlikely hands rests the fate of the world." But Olivia can't really give a better explanation, "It's better than it sounds really!".

The video to Twist of Fate is shown which was filmed in a Hollywood Studio. The water is actually very shallow, a tank lined with plastic sheet gives the impression it's much deeper.


Initial airdate: 1983
Initial broadcaster: BBC1
Country of production: UK
Duration: 8 min (ONJ segment)
Type: Interview



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