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Olivia in Denmark

A interview to promote Olivia's 1988 album The Rumour - it's in English with Danish subtitles. It features a relaxed interview with Olivia and several clips from Olivia's recording and movie career.

During the interview Olivia says she doesn't want to reveal her dreams as that "dispels them" as they are no longer secrets. However, she does say "I'm living my dream"  - with her family and child Chloe, having had a successful career. Olivia says that if she doesn't keep having hits then she still has the best that life offers. Asked what country she prefers she is diplomatic saying that she considers herself Australian but America has been wonderful and generous to her giving her the biggest opportunities in her career. Idealistically she'd like to live in Australia but to move they'd need to be very well organized and as a lot of her friends with children live in LA she's staying in America for now.

Speaking about her new album The Rumour she'd written most of the songs herself with some of her friends as John Farrar was busy. She asked Elton John and Bernie Taupin to write the title track and Elton was so excited about it he wanted to produce, play and sing on it. The video to Can't We Talk It Over In Bed is featured. Olivia describes it being about busy people having silly fights that they only get the chance to work things out when they are alone in bed.



Initial airdate: 1988
Initial broadcaster:
Country of production: Denmark
Duration: 25 mins
Type: Interview

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