Public People, Private Lives

A great interview at Olivia's former mountain ranch. Sarah Purcell   joins Olivia and her family at their home and interviews Olivia and Matt for Australian and US TV

There's great, if short, footage of Olivia and Sarah riding horses and also Matt and a very young Chloe already getting her horse legs!

Olivia and Matt laugh about their age difference, Matt jokes that he needs to get the wheelchair and Olivia pretends to talk without any teeth. When asked what first attracted Olivia to Matt, Olivia points to his face saying "Need I say more?"

Olivia's gold records

Later in a more serious interview Sarah talks to Olivia alone in her lounge.As Grease approaches its 10th anniversary Olivia jokes that she's still got the black pants on and that she enjoys Koala Blue because she working behind the scenes and not putting herself "on the line like I am with my recording career." Paradoxically this interview is partially to promote her Rumour album.

Olivia talks about ageing as she approaches her 40th birthday. She says  it so Hollywood to be freaked out by getting older and she doesn't want to get paranoid about it. Her life just gets better every year (a sentiment Olivia will agree with even more today!).


Initial airdate: 1988
Initial broadcaster: Ten
Country of production: AU/US
Duration: 8 min (ONJ segment)
Type: Interview



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