Olivia meets fan



Wetten Dass

Olivia performed (mimed) the Rumour on the popular German TV show Wetten Dass which is still going today.

The set was imaginatively designed - blinking eyes and big ears (all watching and listening to rumours of course!). Olivia wore a large orange skirt, which let's just say, is of its time.

Towards the end of the song a fan skipped passed security to present Olivia with some flowers and even managed to give her a peck on the cheek. This clearly wasn't scripted so could have come as a shock to Olivia but it was all very sweet and Olivia didn't appear at all ruffled.

The host Gottschalk spoke to Olivia briefly afterwards about the single (which was top 40 in Germany) and presented her more flowers. Olivia laughingly noticed more fans in the audience who were waiting to present her with yet more flowers.



Initial airdate: 1988
Initial broadcaster: ZDF
Country of production: Germany
Duration: 4 min (ONJ segment)
Type: Performs



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