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Olivia was a co-host for a week on the Home Show in October 1989, hosting with Robb Weller (standing in for Leeza Gibbons who was ill).

Her slots on the Home Show included features on cooking, gardening, transporting food in the car, playing the piano and various environmental features.

Olivia demonstrated how to make "Shepherd's Pie" using leftover turkey, vegetables and mashed potatoes. Olivia was great in the kitchen until she attempted to decorate the dish with fancy shapes using the mashed potato. It tasted great but looked terrible! To the amusement of Olivia Robb Weller kept referring to it and even producing the very same pie from the oven throughout the week!

Olivia, wearing her Koala Blue clothes, talked about the environment and how the Rainforests could be saved. By buying Brazil nuts, cashew nuts etc you help stimulate the Brazilian economy without destroying the forests. Olivia said that condoms were also a good buy (from rubber trees there) causing some amusement in the studio - by practicing safe sex you also help the rainforests survive.

Olivia also talked about her new album Warm & Tender and her 10 day visit to the Brazilian Rainforests to film a report for Fox television (The Reporters).



Initial airdate: Oct 1989
Initial broadcaster:
Country of production: US
Type: Hosting

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