eye candy  - the drummer

Matt bald


Arsenio Hall, 1992

1992 - US promotion of Back To Basics album.
Olivia sings I Need Love live in the studio, playing to the cameras with sexy looks.

A short interview followed. Arsenio Hall laughed about how Olivia's then-husband, Matt Lattanzi, and himself were signed to a "holding deal" by ABC. This happened before Matt had  met Olivia. However, they never got to make any programs and just sat waiting around foolishly! Matt was in the studio audience.

Olivia laughed about the World Music Awards that she had just recently hosted in Monaco. Tina Turner was due for a Lifetime Achievement Award but got sick and then it was the Temptations but they couldn't make it either. Finally, this "Velcro" award ("whoever was there it stuck to") went to Olivia. But Prince Albert had left the building when it was time to present the award  so Olivia also missed out. To add insult to injury Olivia saw Prince Albert in a discotheque later that evening! All was forgiven when Prince Albert asked Olivia to dance.

The interview ends with Arsenio Hall feeling Matt's newly shaved head - he looks quite striking bald!

Eye Catching - The drummer who Olivia and Arsenio joke is drunk


Initial airdate: 1992
Initial broadcaster:
Country of production: US
Duration: 8 mins
Type: Performance/interview


Songs Performed by Olivia

I Need Love (live)

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