Il Maurizio Costanzo Show

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Initial airdate: 1992
Initial broadcaster: 5
Country of production: It
Duration: 25 mins
Type: Interview/Performance

An unusual format with all the guests and interviewer on the stage looking out on the audience. There's a lot of sitting around for Olivia, although she has an interpreter with her. Olivia has to perform Hopelessly Devoted with her back to the other guests but facing the audience/cameras.

Another guest is a young Italian male dancer who starts miming You're The One That I Want to Olivia who is sat down. He pulls her up to dance (and mime) to the whole number. Olivia is reluctant to do this but is pressurized by the live situation and rises to the challenge nicely. At the end Olivia points out that she hasn't preformed that duet for 10 years and can just remember the words.

Songs Performed (mimed)

Hopelessly Devoted To You
You're The One That I Want

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