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In A New Light 1992

Olivia appeared in a 1992 TV special called "In a New Light"  for AIDS research and education.

During this special Olivia made a very brave public admission - in the early 80s a dear friend of hers (Armando - her hairdresser creating the Physical look) contracted AIDS. At that time the knowledge was limited and there was a lot of fear surrounding AIDS.  Olivia was pregnant and even doctors advised her not to go and see him. She admits that she was fearful and now feels very guilty and regrets not having made contact before he died.

Since this time Olivia has campaigned to raise awareness about AIDS and HIV. She appeared in the 1995 movie It's My Party and gave many interviews about the movie's subject matter. She performed a song on her 1988 Rumour album called Love and Let Live to raise awareness surrounding the issues of AIDS. Olivia continues to help raise   funds for AIDS research including donating the proceeds from her 1998 Grease Premiere in London.

In this TV special Olivia also performs live I Honestly Love You. The song is dedicated to Armando and Peter Allen (the song's writer who died in 1992 from an AIDS related illness)

Special moment - Olivia performing IHLY with so much feeling.


Initial airdate: 1992
Initial broadcaster: ?
Country of production: US
Duration (ONJ part): 4 mins
Type: Performance



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