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This aired to coincide with the Australian release of Olivia's album Gaia. An in-depth interview with a fantastic rapport between Olivia and her interviewer Ray Martin. Olivia also performed three songs live in the studio.

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The interview covered most of Olivia's career with some great black and white footage from those early days in Australia. Olivia's 1970 movie Toomorrow came up and Ray sprung a 1969 newspaper interview from New York where Olivia was then filming. She was asked in this if she had any plans of returning to Australia and responded "not just now - this is too groovy!"

The infamous quote from the 70s "if white bread could sing it would sound like Olivia Newton-John" was mentioned. But Olivia just laughed and joked saying that Grease was her chance "To break out - to be brown bread"


Much of the interview was taken up with Olivia's fight against breast cancer and her album Gaia. She also had chance to promote her nature series Wild Life/Human Nature. Ray also mentioned John Farnham and Olivia said how much she admired him and would like to sing with him - a premonition that was to come true; they performed and toured together for the Main Event tour in 1998!

A wonderful interview - Olivia was at ease joking and laughing throughout.

Look out for: Chong Lim on the piano who was Olivia's musical director for her 1999 US tour

Favorite moment: Olivia's acappella chorus of No Other Love.

Initial airdate: Sept 8 1994
Initial broadcaster: Channel 9
Country of production: AU
Duration: 50 mins
Type: Interview


Songs Performed by Olivia

I Honestly Love You
Don't Cut Me Down
No Matter What You Do


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