Brashs Power Picks

I'm not quite sure of the origin of this programme. It was to promote Olivia's album Gaia as well as the (now defunct) store Brashs ("buy Gaia at Brashs").

Olivia is interviewed by Richard Wilkes and they talk briefly about Gaia and how the songs came into being. The video to the single No Matter What You Do is shown which was mostly filmed at Olivia's Byron Bay home. The cows featured belong to friend, they graze on Olivia's property. Olivia says it was the easiest video she'd ever done "I didn't have to wear a black dress and do 50 million changes". It took just the one day.


At this time Olivia was fighting to save Ferngully, Diana Young who made the animated film Ferngully: the Last Rainforest is a friend. This was in danger of being flooded for a dam to provide much-needed water for residents. Olivia argued that there were alternatives to this such as re-activating and enlarging a dam  existing nearby. Thankfully, most of  rainforest around Byron Bay survives today but still needs protection!


Initial airdate: 1994
Initial broadcaster: ?
Country of production: AU
Duration: 10 min
Type: Interview



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