The host of GMTV, Anthea Turner, is quite a fan. She watched The Cliff Richard Shows in the 70s and wanted to look like Olivia and wear her clothes. This compliment turns out to be genuine, in a magazine article a few months later Anthea names Olivia as one of her top most stylist women.

From the GMTV studio they do a surprise hook up by satellite to Olivia's mom. She's on the beach in Australia with the co-host of GMTV, Eamonn. It's Australia Day there and they're in the middle of a beach barbeque. Olivia and her mom exchange mother/daughter greetings and Olivia reminds her that they first arrived in Australia on Australia Day. 

Olivia's sister Rona, who is with Olivia on her London trip, is also able to say hi to her mom via satellite. Eamonn has noticed that Olivia is on Australian TV that evening: channel 9 a programme called "70s Celebration" 

Saying goodbye to her daughters Irene wishes them a good time in London and hopes that Olivia's album is a great success.


Initial airdate: Feb  1995
Initial broadcaster: ITV
Country of production: UK
Duration: 7 mins
Type: Interview

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