Pebble Mill

Olivia performs two songs on this lunch time show - NMWYD and Don't Cut Me down. Dressed in a black suit with big boots Olivia gives spirited performances.

The host is an old friend Gloria Hunniford. They show Take Me Home Country Roads from Top of the Pops and Gloria asks Olivia if this song opened doors in America. Olivia tells how John Denver on hearing that she'd covered his song invited her over to appear on his TV special. John Denver's TV special was filmed in Colorado in the middle of Winter. They filmed it in an igloo built in the snow but it was warm inside and had butterflies flying around. Steve Martin (before he became famous) played the banjo and Olivia remembers that he had a butterfly on his nose throughout his song. She also discusses her work early on in America with Dean Martin and Bob Hope.

Talk as always turns to Grease. Olivia gave away the red shoes to a charity auction but still has the Grease Jacket and pants and hopes one day to try them on (which she does in 1998 for the Grease anniversary).

The interview ends with a performance of Don't Cut Me Down. This is the only song on Gaia that was started before her illness. Whilst putting together Gaia she listened to old tapes and found this song in a draw. It wasn't complete with only a chorus and four lines.  It's about old growth forests but Olivia says you can also take poetic license and it's all about friendship and love.


Initial airdate: Feb 1 1995
Initial broadcaster: BBC1
Country of production: UK
Duration: 21 mins
Type: Performance/interview


Songs Performed (mimed)

No Matter What You Do
Don't Cut Me Down


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