Royal Variety Show

Initial airdate: 1995 (Nov 25)
Initial broadcaster: ITV
Country of production: UK
Duration: 10 mins
Type: Performance

There was little prior publicity to suggest that Olivia was to make a guest appearance on the 1995 Royal Variety Show in front of the Queen of England. Cliff Richard was topping the evening's bill and he introduced the song Had to Be. He sang the first verse alone until a  figure shrouded in darkness, dressed in black, appeared on the stage. This mysterious figure approached Cliff and took the hood of their cloak down. The audience cheered loudly as Olivia began to sing her verse of the song.

The song was mimed but no matter Olivia and Cliff sounded and looked great together. It was strange to see Olivia and Cliff acting the parts of Cathy and Heathcliff (the song is taken from the Songs From Heathcliff album). Neither smiled as they sang. The song ended with Cliff kissing Olivia quite passionately - all part of the act; although the audience loved it!

Olivia also appeared at the end to sing live a few lines from the song "That's What Friends Are For" along with the rest of the stars that had performed that night.

At the very end of the show we briefly saw Olivia meeting the Queen and Prince Philip.

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