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Olivia and Chloe were invited on a horse-back riding holiday in Ireland to report for the UK programme Holiday in the Summer of 1996.

The holiday is a 5 day trek across the countryside and sandy beaches of County Donegal in Ireland. The holiday is run by the Stracomer Riding School based in Dunfanaghy, Co Donegal.

Thankfully the weather behaves itself and the Irish countryside is spectacular. The holiday is only for the experienced rider, even horsewomen Chloe and Olivia collapse on their hotel beds after the first day and 5 hours in the saddle!

The treking holiday includes a packed lunch each day, a deluxe meal of smoked salmon served on silver plates. However the holiday isn't all luxury for Olivia and Chloe; they're expected to prepare their horses for the trek every morning. Olivia comments on the great shape the horses are in "I want their diet and trainer" she says.

Everyone learns a bit of Irish history as they ride along the "Famine trail" - a circular trail built by inhabitants of the workhouse about 150 years ago during the Irish famine. The trail was built merely to keep the people busy - as the trail goes nowhere it was considered useless. However, nowadays it's a great tourist attraction. Chloe also learns about the Vikings who were in fact Scandinavian not Irish as she first believes.

Chloe makes an observation about the differences in Australian and British saddles. The British saddle, whilst giving the impression of being less secure, is more in tune with the horse as you can feel the horse's movements much more.

During the holiday Chloe and Olivia with their friends Nancy and Jim Chuda enjoy a sing-song in the local pub and enjoy the local brew. It all looks great fun!



Initial airdate: 22 Oct 1996
Initial broadcaster: BBC1
Country of production: UK
Duration: 5 mins (ONJ segment)
Type: Report

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