Exposure: Environmental Links to Breast Cancer

Olivia hosted this serious Canadian documentary about the environmental causes of cancer. Olivia's segments were filmed at her old Malibu beach house and you can hear the sea in the background.

The documentary featured women experts and women facing cancer who were concerned about the toxins in the air, water and food. Produced by Francine Zuckerman and Martha Butterfield it's thought provoking and frightening stuff.


The program ends with footage of Olivia testifying to Congress asking for more funds to look into the environmental causes. Diane Keaton accompanied Olivia and provided moral support as Olivia was understandably nervous. Olivia ends her eloquent speech with the quote: "So when my daughter looks at me and says am I going to get breast cancer? I can say no."

This documentary is available on VHS video

Initial airdate: 1997 (Sept)
Initial broadcaster: CBC Newsworld
Country of production: Canada
Duration (full program): 50 mins
Type: Presenter/Host


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