Olivia bids against Murphy


Murphy Brown 1997

Olivia was a guest on the Murphy Brown sitcom which starred Candice Bergen in the title role. This episode, filmed in 1997, is called "I Hear A Symphony" and Olivia plays herself. The season's storyline was focused on Murphy discovering that she has breast cancer and how she deals with it.

Murphy and Oliva meet up at a charity auction both bidding for a once-in-a-lifetime chance to conduct an orchestra. Murphy wins but not until she's had to out bid Olivia for the tune of $2000 (proceeds going to the National Zoo). But Olivia has the last laugh when she reveals that she was put up to bidding to get a good donation for the zoo! Olivia's parting words are a triumphant "Yeeessss."

Olivia and Candice

Olivia's appearance on set is met with cheers from the studio audience as this was one of her first appearances on network US TV since discovering breast cancer. The episode also touches on Olivia's breast cancer when Olivia gives encouragement to Murphy.

Some pics featured here are from the pre-show interviews Olivia did.

Look out for - Olivia's facial expressions and trying to control her laughter.


Initial airdate: 1997 (Dec 10)
Initial broadcaster: CBS
Country of production: US
Duration (ONJ part): 3 mins
Type: Cameo



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