Tracey Takes On... 1997

Tracey Ullman's comedy series in 1997 included an episode called "Tracy Takes On....Childhood" which featured a very brief cameo by Olivia.

The sketch is about Tracey being raised by dingoes in outback Australia and then been found by humans and treated badly. Olivia arrives in a sport's car to rescue her. Olivia's appearance is so brief that viewers may not even recognize her!

The episode gets a mention in Tracey's 1998 book "Tracy Takes On" by Tracey Ullman (Hyperion):
"I landed on all fours, right in front of an oncoming car, which screeched to a halt. "That was a great stunt! Ever thought about being in the movies?" shouted the driver. I looked at her and something told me that this pretty blonde human would feed me, worm me and scratch my tummy buttons. And that's exactly what she did. She also let me howl along to her record Have You Never Been Mellow. "

Look out for - Olivia in a long blonde wig and dark glasses


Initial airdate: 1997 (Feb 24)
Initial broadcaster: HBO
Country of production: US
Duration (ONJ part): 1 mins
Type: Cameo



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