Crook & Chase

Initial airdate: 1998 (May 14)
Initial broadcaster: TNN
Country of production: US
Duration: 16 mins
Type: Interview

For the second time in 1998 Olivia appeared on the Crook and Chase show, this time to promote her new album Back With A Heart. They dug out a 1977 photo of Olivia with Charlie Chase and he still has the press kit for Clearly Love from his days in radio. She talks about getting a sore throat a few years ago and she took this as a signal from her body to start singing again. The throat problem then cleared up.

They talk about People magazine voting her amongst the  "50 Most Beautiful People". This somehow led onto a discussion about doing a nude centre-spred. Olivia mentioned the magazine Hussler offering her a lot of money in the 70s to pose nude but it's "not in me" They talk about her diet bringing out tofu and rice for Chase to try. Then they have to check each other's teeth for food particles.

The interview ended with Olivia joining the hosts in the hand-jive from Grease.

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