John teasing Olivia

Anthony, John, Olivia

chaos in the kitchen

Olivia with Ian Turpie


Good Morning Australia

Olivia, John Farnham and Anthony Warlow visited the Good Morning Australia studio to promote their Main Event concert tour. The interview followed by a cooking segment was organized chaos!

Firstly, the seating arrangements cause Olivia concern, she has to sit in-between the boys and the tour sleeping arrangements are joked about, claiming that they share just the one hotel suite!

Ian Turpie, Olivia's boyfriend from her teenage years, arrives on the set.  John Farnham, never one to miss the opportunity, mentions that a bucket of water could be needed.

On a more serious note Olivia talks about how she's enjoying the process of songwriting. She's also encouraged Anthony to write his own music. Bert Newton, the host, says he's noticed a maturity in her voice over the years, Olivia agrees: "Different things come up in your voice that weren't there before. It's not something conscious but I can hear and feel it." The guests sing "For She's a Jolly Good Fellow" to Olivia's mum who's not feeling well at the time.

Olivia, John and Anthony totally disrupt the cooking segment but the chef, Elizabeth Chong, loves their input;  taking it all in her stride. After all she says the audience can always write in for the recipe sheet. Olivia asks to taste the barbecue chicken which she eats on set giving it 10 out of 10. What better recommendation for Elizabeth's cooking?


Initial airdate: Nov 2 1998
Initial broadcaster: Channel 10
Country of production: AU
Duration: 19 mins
Type: Interview

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