The RuPaul Show

Initial airdate: 1998 (June 20)
Initial broadcaster: VH1
Country of production: US
Duration: 20 mins
Type: Interview

Rupaul, a drag queen, along with side kick Michelle Visage hosted a talk/comedy show on VH1. Olivia's visit to the program was very funny. They took a slightly irreverent look at Olivia's career to date. The highlight was a competition between Rupaul and Olivia to see who knew most about Olivia's career. Questions included Olivia's first single (Till You Say You'll Be Mine which Olivia sang a line from) and the guests on Olivia's 1976 special (Olivia got this wrong as she gave the answer to the guests on her 1978 Hollywood Nights special). Olivia let Rupaul win only answering when Rupaul didn't.
At the end they get 12 year old Chloe on set and Olivia needs to reassure her as she's very nervous of the cameras and Rupaul towering over her.

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