This Morning

Initial airdate: 1998 (June 29)
Initial broadcaster: ITV
Country of production: UK
Duration: 25 mins
Type: Interview/Performance

One of the more interesting interviews for the re-release of Grease. Olivia is asked to explain what a "class ring" is as British teenagers don't have that custom. Being from Australia Olivia has to call in a member of her American staff for explanation. It's a friendship ring given by a boy to a girl, is a measure of commitment but not as heavy as an engagement ring.

They talk about the strength of the sun in Australia and that even Australia isn't perfect. Hats in the schoolyard are obligatory in Australia but, at that time, in California they couldn't wear hats because of the gang problem there.

There's an interesting discussion about the ending of Grease - the girl having to become very sexy to get the boy. Olivia said this bothered her now she has a teenage daughter but that the ending was really about love. Both Sandy and Danny tried to change to please the other. The female host, Judy, suggest it's about "girl power," Sandy no longer is a wimp and takes control of her destiny. The male host says "But she has to compromise her original position in order to do that." Thinking Richard meant more than he did Olivia interjects that just because she changes her clothes doesn't mean.... and Richard replies he wasn't going that far!

Olivia mentions she's been to Wimbledon once to see the tennis. Being a big tennis player I'd expect her to have been more than that.

Olivia performs live Hopelessly Devoted and the new (1998) version of I Honestly Love You.

Songs Performed (live)

Hopelessly Devoted To You
I Honestly Love You (1998 version)

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