This page covers commercial videos/DVDs that Olivia has appeared in but not had the major role. There is some variation between countries and fans should note that US/Canada and Japan video tapes and DVDs are not compatible with video and DVD players used in most of the rest of the world.


2006 Midnight Special 1980 DVD and video


2006 Midnight Special 1975 DVD and Video


2005 Ned & Stacey DVD


2002 Remember 70s Volume 2(Dutch DVD with "Sam" performance)


2002 On The Brink (video and DVD)

Cliff Richard Unforgettable

2001 Cliff Richard Unforgettable (Video and DVD)

2000 Olympic video/DVD with Dare to Dream

2000 Olympic Opening Ceremony (Video and DVD)

Jim Brickman: My Romance

2000 Jim Brickman My Romance (video and DVD)

Mariah Carey Around The World feat. Olivia

1999 Mariah Carey Around The World(Video and DVD)

Bee Gees: One Night Only

1998 Bee Gees One Night Only (Video and DVD)

Christmas Angel

1998 Christmas Angel (Video and DVD)

Snowden on Ice video

1997 Snowden On Ice (video)

Truth or Dare/ In Bed with Madonna

1991 Madonna Truth or Dare (Video and DVD)

Hallmark Timeless Tales videos

1990 Timeless Tales (video and DVD) (series of six on VHS)

Earthrise video

1989 Earthrise (video)

She's Having A Baby 1988

1988 She's Having A Baby (Video and DVD)

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