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Olivia has released quite a few music videos, though there is a dearth of material from her Seventies successes. There is as yet no Greatest Hits video, curiously enough. It is known that the material exists, even from the seventies...

Music video came into its own in the vary late Seventies, and Olivia's full length album videogram Physical was an innovation for the time when videos tended to be only made for the singles from an album. Physical was also featured on TV in the States where the broadcast version had short sketches inserted to segue in and out.



Olivia in Concert

1983Olivia in Concert

Twist of Fate

1983Twist of Fate

Soul Kiss Videosingles

1985 Soul Kiss Videosingles

Live in Concert

1986 Channel 5 Live (= '83 In Concert)

Down Under

1988 Down Under

Main Event

1999The Main Event