Olivia - Fame and Fortune interview, June 97

Olivia was interviewed in June 1997 for a British TV programme titled Fame and Fortune, a series inviting the rich and famous to invite viewers to have a look around their homes for a little while. Along the lines of Hello! magazine but on the small screen...
A pleasant enough interview, though Olivia didn't totally seem at ease and could hardly be charged with giving too much away about herself. The programme makers co-opted Cliff Richard to fill in some of the details for them. He gave a charming account of Olivia's early days in Britain when she appeared on the 'It's Cliff Richard' show in the early Seventies
Caesar, Olivia's cat, is as dopey as he looks, which is probably just as well for the parrot, all things considered...

Notwithstanding the close hand Olivia played during this interview, she was visibly moved when her best friend Nancy Chuda talked about her in glowing terms - good on 'ya Nancy :-)

Olivia with Nancy Chuda when they were interviewed on the Fame and Fortune programme

The programme aired on the UK TV station Channel 5 in July 1997.


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