previous release UK version. Click to enlarge Uk version. Click to enlarge click to enlarge. US release 1994 click to enlarge. US release

Early video release, (left). UK home video (middle) and US home video release in 1994 (right).

Although Xanadu wasn't that successful on the silver screen, the combined Olivia/ELO soundtrack album was enormously successful, with some great songs like Xanadu and the #1 single Magic. Olivia is cast as Kira, a muse sent from the gods to inspire two people to create something they believe in, rather than just looking out over the ocean moping, or wasting talent on a routine day job. The film has been released and re-released many times on home video, it has proved more successful on home video than on the big screen.

A Laserdisc was issued in the 1980s and a DVD was released in the US in 1999. A video CD was also released in Hong Kong.

Total running is approx 92 minutes, VHS format.
MCA Universal 66019, US (1994 release)
Universal/CIC Video, 1018 UK release