Jasmine Wilde (OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN) is a single mother living in Georgia trying to raise her daughter Izzy (CHLOE ROSE) in a normal American setting, while keeping secret her past as a famous singer.

Sierra Lewis (SWOOSIE KURTZ), Izzy's teacher and Jasmine's best friend, notices that Izzy shares that special singing talent with her mother and secretly calls a friendly Los Angeles record producer, Dan (ROBERT STEPHENSON), to come and watch Izzy sing at her school talent show.

However, it's really Jasmine that Dan is interested in watching perform, and for the sake of her daughter, Jasmine gets up on stage only to fail miserably. Just as Dan is leaving, Izzy takes the stage and her amazing performance stops Dan in his tracks and he asks her to come to Los Angeles to record in a real studio. Jasmine is adamant about not letting Izzy go to Los Angeles, but when Izzy discovers teen magazines with her mother's face on the cover, Jasmine's long- kept secret is revealed. She was once a very popular singer, and she explains to her daughter that the cruel world of the music business made her leave for a more simple life. Izzy also learns that her father was a musician but he decided to pursue his music career instead of raising a child. This news only encourages Izzy to pursue her singing career even more. With a great deal of convincing, Jasmine finally lets Izzy go to Los Angeles.

While they are in the big city, Jasmine contacts Izzy's father and she introduces him to Izzy for the first time. Jasmine brings him to the recording studio while Izzy is in the middle of a recording session and emotions run high. While it's a bittersweet reunion for Jasmine, she realizes that she must return to Georgia and let Izzy stay in Los Angeles with Sierra to figure out on her own what she wants out of a career. When Jasmine returns home, the experience compels her to write a new song "Trust Yourself."

After a couple of lonely nights in Los Angeles and a strong dose of reality, Izzy decides that the music world can wait. She asks her father to secretly fly back with her to Georgia to surprise Jasmine.