The Only Olivia website is under new management as of October 2011

The original Only Olivia was a fan club started in 1991 in the UK, which ran for about 20 years until the closure of its website in September 2011.

I ran the fan club with Helen and authored the website up to 2001, retiring from the Only Olivia scene when the club was transferred to Kevin and his team in the early 2000s.

Ten years later I was sorry to find the website gone, and I am looking and how to restore much of its original glory without incurring some of the issues that dogged the club in its last couple of years of operation.

Some of those issues were associated with having subscriptions. I'm not planning to run subscriptions, this isn't a fan club with newsletters anymore, and nor is it the Wall Street Journal. The website is designed to minimise the webserver loading, and I may have a tip hat for users who wish to help out with the hosting costs.

It's hard tracking the news and restoring the original. Many fellow fans contributed scans and information to the memorabilia and discography sections. With the best will in the world no one person can cover over four decades of Olivia's career in any depth. If you're interested in giving me a hand with scans of news items and press items then let me know. Tony and I are tracking news here, however it's not easy to achieve worldwide coverage particularly now.

One thing I do miss from the previous incarnation is the Only Olivia forum. Facebook just isn't the same. It may be possible to reinstate that but it depends if other people miss it too.

Let me know if you have any thoughts on how to improve things

Olivia frequently tours the US. You can catch up with Olivia Newton-John's latest activity on her website and follow Olivia on Facebook