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New Hair Style for Chloe - Telegraph

New Hair Style for Chloe

Producers of the musical Hair, to be staged in Melbourne in June, are banking on Chloe Rose Lattanzi having the same pulling power as her mum Olivia Newton-John.

The musical barely raised a follicle of interest when tickets went on sale in Sydney last year, even with big names like Christine Anu, Katie Underwood and Jon Stevens attached to the project. But the producers, non-profit group The Production Company sponsored by Jeanne Pratt, are planning to come up with a completely different style of musical. Directed and choreographed by David Atkins, this show will have a short burst run of only five performances. This means they only need to get 10,000 bums on seats as opposed to that number every single night, which would be needed to sustain the long season which the original arena style production would have had to have.

“As soon as the Sydney production was cancelled we rang New York, it was like a green light to us,’’ general manager Rachel Taylor told Confidential yesterday. ``Obviously ours is a much smaller scale and very different – and already we have had huge interest.”

Livvy’s little girl Chloe, 16, makes her stage debut in the production, which as yet has no plans for a Sydney airing. She says her mother has offered some tips on coping with life in the limelight. “She just says be yourself and let your soul shine through. “She’s always said, ‘Never bag another artist even if you don’t appreciate what they do’, because everybody has something to offer and, ‘If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all’.”

The hippie tribe classic 1960s musical will also co-star pop group Scandal’us. Chloe, who is finishing her education by correspondence, is the only child of the marriage between Newton-John and former husband and performer Matt Lattanzi. “Everybody says I have my mum’s eyes,” she said. “But I think I look like my dad, I have the Italian skin.”