25 most beautiful Australians

This is a wonderful photo by Mark Liddell to celebrate Olivia being named one of the 25 most beautiful people by Who magazine in Australia. The photo looks like it’s from the 1979 era rather than March 2003!

Olivia is pictured with writer Darren Lovell: “The first celebrity we photographed was Olivia, who met writer Darren Lovell on March 10. “When she entered the room,” he says, “I thought God it’s Sandy. She still has that sun-kissed air about her - that perennial girl-next-door, even at 54. And amazingly she still sounds Australian.”

Who magazine also ran a poll on the internet asking who was the most beautiful Australian, many fans on here voted and they printed the results the next week - thanks to Robyn Waugh for scan on p 3