In the same way that Dusty has raised awareness thirty years earlier by speaking out against racism, she was again honest and positive about a social issue that directly affected her. “Having been in and out of the Royal Marsden on a daily basis, you see so many survivors. In a way it’s a privilege for us to be able to talk about it, if asked. There are so many women who can’t,” she said.

She mentioned singer Olivia Newton-John who the same year had released Gaia: One Woman’s Journey, a conceptual album that, via spirit guides forests and universal love, dealt with her battle against breast cancer. Self-penned songs like “Trust yourself” and “Not gonna give into it” were a far cry from her vacuous 70’s persona. I saw her a couple of times and thought, god, you look great, and god I think I know how you felt” said Dusty “What I liked was her turning her life into something new I admire anyone who can take life and shake it up like that.”