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Greatest hits album released in Europe, Chile and Asia in June/July 2002. This is the first European compilation album for ten years containing Olivia's hits after 1978. However, it's a little disappointing with cover art that has drifted too far towards the blues.
This was well promoted in France, UK and Chile with a TV commercial to back it up. It was released in the UK in October 2004 and reached number 11 in the UK album charts!

It was released in Japan March 19 2003 with a slightly different track selection (thanks to Naoto Tokuda) - see below.

 French promo  French promo leaflet   Chile

Above French and Chilean promotional leaflets, with thanks to Frederic Brillouet and Alejandro. Click to enlarge images.

The Korea release is the same as the European release with the same CD cover artwork etc but with a different label number (DC8371) plus a sheet translating the notes. However, the CD is presented nicely in a carboard "box" - see below - click to enlarge.

Korea "box" back of box

Japanese issue


Click to enlarge, thanks to Philippe

Japanese Track listing

1.Have You Never Been Mellow
2.Xanadu (with ELO)
4.I Honestly Love You
7.You're The One That I Want (with John Travolta)
8.Twist Of Fate
10.Take Me Home Country Roads
11.Making A Good Things Better
12.If Not For You
13.Hopelessly Devoted To You
14.Suddenly (with Cliff Richard)
15.Don't Stop Believin'
16.I Need Love
17.Summer Nights (with John Travolta)
18.Come On Over
19.Let Me Be There
20.Heart Attack
21.Soul Kiss
22.Grease Mega-Mix.

non-Japan track listing