"ONE WORLD With Olivia Newton-John"

Press Release: by One World/Baby Wild Films

A New Series of Specials for Television

 The First Episodes

The Galápagos Islands, Ecuador

 Produced, Directed, Edited and Co-Written by Michael Harris. Original Music by Tim Truman (ASCAP).

Additional Original Music and Writing by Olivia Newton-John.

Made Possible in Part Through the Generous Support of OneWorld Challenge Foundation. A Portion of Proceeds Benefits
The Charles Darwin Research Station & The Galápagos National Park Service.

Premieres Fall 2002 on Outdoor Life Network.

 Baby Wild Films Presents…

 "ONE WORLD With Olivia Newton-John"

A New Series of Half-Hour Specials for Television

Premieres Fall 2002 on Outdoor Life Network

Overview. It’s with a sense of discovery that we launch "ONE WORLD With Olivia Newton-John," a remarkable new series for television, a new expedition into nature’s last great mysteries. From The Galápagos Islands to Antarctica, Mexico to New Zealand and Australia, the Bahamas and Florida’s Keys to Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Preserve, ONE WORLD takes viewers to every corner of this revolving, evolving Earth, exploring the planet’s most remarkable marine habitats and the profound impacts imparted by the habitation of humans. The specials are a unique mosaic of stories, told from the perspective of marine biologists, researchers, conservationists and residents. With one common thread~ that these challenges, from the establishment and protection of marine reserves and rare species to the safe transport of energy, are shared by all of us living on this one world. The specials tell wildlife and conservation stories from the perspective of those living, working and researching in these places.  And rather than the standard fare of high-profile animal shows putting the focus on cowboy hosts and only secondarily on the wildlife and local conservation efforts, ONE WORLD works directly with established, non-invasive, non-captive research institutions in telling our stories. This isn’t just the right thing to do; it’s also good television. By supporting and collaborating with these organizations, we’re provided unprecedented access to our wild subjects. You don’t need to jump on animals to get a good look at them, or negatively impact these fragile marine reserves to explore them.

As more of the planet becomes accessible to travelers, Olivia (former United Nations Ambassador for the Environment) reveals places and things never before seen by viewers, and stories often never heard. "ONE WORLD With Olivia Newton-John" combines adventure travel, fascinating natural history, incredible wildlife encounters and dynamic environmentalism in a truly unique and entertaining series of specials.

The First Specials

The Galápagos Islands, Ecuador

Other Locations: New Zealand, Australia, Mexico, the Bahamas, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, New York and British Columbia, Canada.


"ONE WORLD With Olivia Newton-John: The Galápagos, In the Struggle for Life." When Charles Darwin first visited The Galápagos Islands in 1835, he encountered a wildlife habitat beyond imagination... and very few humans. Less than three hundred people resided there at the time. As late as 1950, there were still less than 1,000. Today, over 20,000 people live in The Galápagos. More than 60,000 tourists visit the islands each year. And as the fisheries along the Ecuadorian coastline decline, more and more fishermen are making way to the rich waters of The Galápagos, putting enormous pressures on this newly established Marine Reserve. Adding to the problems is the booming prices paid by Asian markets for non-traditional fisheries, such as sea cucumbers, and illegal sharkfinning, both disappearing fast in the ecosystem. And non-native species such as the goat, introduced by visitors, are also now posing great threats to this fragile ecosystem, consuming and destroying vegetation critical to indigenous species like the tortoise and iguana. Clearly in The Galápagos, Darwin's theories on natural selection "in the struggle for life" must now factor people in, as well. And just as one ocean connects the planet, these pressures on The Galápagos are shared by marine eco-havens everywhere. Features never-before-seen footage of the creatures of The Galápagos, from its reptile kingdom on shore to the deep-sea vents off the islands where life begins. Includes exclusive interviews with Galápagos National Park Director Diego Bonilla, Charles Darwin Research Station Director Dr. Robert Bensted Smith, environmental attorney Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and others. This first special also travels to Auckland, New Zealand on a sailing club's quest to win The America's Cup and save the planet at the same time.

Locations: The Galápagos and mainland, Ecuador; New Zealand; southern Australia.



"ONE WORLD With Olivia Newton-John: The Galápagos, From The Beagle to The Jessica." Last year, the unthinkable happened. The captain of The Jessica, a ship calling on The Galápagos Islands, mistook a lighthouse for a mid-channel buoy, running aground and spilling over 160,000 gallons of bunker fuel. It took three days for the Coast Guard to respond to the incident. Although agreeable currents kept the spill from doing its worst, the very idea of an oil spill in these islands awakened the world. And ironically, the ship wasn’t carrying crude to a refinery; it was delivering fuel to an eco-tourist boat. The no-impact "solution" so long proposed by environmentalists now showed its kinks. Clearly, there are no easy solutions to preserving and protecting The Galápagos Islands. Today, as debate continues on whether the wrecked hull of the Jessica should remain offshore as "an artificial reef," the accident re-opens discussions on just why these large ships run aground, why oil spills happen, and what we can do everywhere in the world to keep them from happening. Once again, The Galápagos have provided a classroom for this One World. Includes never-before-seen footage of the first response to the spill. Interviews include environmentalist Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. on how a relatively small spill in The Galápagos turned out to be a wake-up call for the world; the lessons learned from the Exxon Valdez spill in Prince William Sound, Alaska; the last voyage of the New Carissa, whose wrecked hull now serves as an artificial reef off Coos Bay, Oregon. Other features include marine conservationist Tim Allen, whose impressive coalition of environmental groups are making history by establishing some 22 marine protected areas in one swoop in southern Australia. Also, a journey to northern New Zealand and legendary conservationist Dr. Bill Ballantine, still fighting to set aside sensitive areas after 30 years, and a trip to Isla Mujeres, Mexico, where researchers are working to save endangered sea turtles just miles from the busy tourist mecca of Cancun. The special also travels to New York to see how a group of local fishermen, with the help of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., joined together, stood up to polluters and became Hudson River Keepers, now one of the world’s fastest growing environmental organizations.

Locations: The Galápagos and mainland, Ecuador; New Zealand; Victoria and The Great Barrier Reef in Australia; Isla Mujeres and Cancun, Mexico; the Bahamas; Washington, Oregon and New York; and British Columbia; Prince William Sound, Alaska.



"ONE WORLD With Olivia Newton-John: Evolution Island." The third special from The Galápagos traces the travels and work of famed naturalist Charles Darwin, exploring the amazing creatures and plants that inspired his On the Origin of Species and theories on evolution. Olivia joins researchers from the world-renowned Charles Darwin Research Station and the directors of The Galápagos National Park Service as they work to preserve and protect some of the most remarkable and fragile habitats and animals on Earth, from the world’s only marine iguana and tropical penguin, to the endangered Galapagos giant tortoise, the islands’ namesake creature. Located on the Equator some 600 miles from mainland Ecuador, this volcanic archipelago’s isolation has created variations in flora and fauna unlike anything on the planet. And until recently, with the exception of the occasional explorer, whaling ships and fishermen, the wildlife of The Galápagos Islands have also been isolated from humans, and because of this have absolutely no fear of people. It’s a natural history, and photographic, paradise… and one that is still evolving, this time to accommodate survival of the Islands’ newest resident creatures, people. Other features: Explorer Dr. Robert Ballard, discoverer of the wreck of the Titanic and deep-ocean hydrothermal vents, believed by some to be to origins of life on Earth.

Locations: The Galápagos Islands and mainland, Ecuador; the Mariana Trench of the Atlantic Ocean; the deep trenches off the Pacific coast of Washington and British Columbia and The Galápagos; New Zealand; Australia; Mexico; the Bahamas; Washington, Oregon and British Columbia, Canada.

TOTAL RUNNING TIMES: 23:25 and 22:25 for commercial and cable.

 Other proposed locations for "ONE WORLD With Olivia Newton-John" include…

Three shows from the spectacular coast of India (population pressures on the marine habitats of the Unseen India); another three specials from Alaska (native wildlife and historic explorations; the development of the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge; Prince William Sound after the Exxon Valdez oil spill), and three shows from Tierra del Fuego, the southern-most part of Chile and Argentina and Antarctica (the great South Pole expeditions; Antarctic wildlife and increasing eco-tourism pressures; the resumption of whaling in the International Wildlife Sanctuary). The anticipated first flight will be 13 half-hour episodes.

Creative & Executive Team Bios


Host & Narrator (and Additional Original Music and Writing).

Olivia Newton-John is one of the most recognized and beloved music and film personalities in the world. Her incredible career has now spanned more than three decades. Her 1973 debut album, "Let Me Be There" on MCA Records, produced her first top ten single of the same name, plus a Grammy Award for "Best Country Vocalist" and an Academy of Country Music Award for "Most Promising Female Vocalist." Olivia went on to garner three more Grammys, numerous CMA, American Music Association and People’s Choice Awards, five #1 hits and 15 top-ten singles, including "Please Mister Please," "If You Love Me Let Me Know," "Have You Never Been Mellow," "Suddenly" and "Magic," as well as the smash hit, "Physical," which held the number one position for an amazing 10 weeks and had combined sales topping ten million. Her film career took off in 1978 opposite John Travolta in the classic musical, "Grease." That film catapulted Olivia into superstardom and led to the production of the most successful movie soundtrack in history, which included such enduring duets as "You’re the One That I Want" and "Summer Lovin’," as well as her hit, "Hopelessly Devoted to You." "Grease" was re-released worldwide in celebration of its 20th anniversary, and the overwhelming response is a testament to that film’s timeless quality. Olivia’s public appeal has proved to be equally enduring. Her latest record, "Back With a Heart," garnered her another Grammy for her songwriting, and has returned her happily to performing. Her recent tour of Australia was a tremendous success, and now she’s busy writing and producing her next studio record project. Olivia’s career has included some extraordinary experiences. She had the honor of dancing with Gene Kelley in the film, "Xanadu," hosted the popular internationally syndicated Wild Life television series, and in 1979 was bestowed an Order of the British Empire [OBE] by Queen Elizabeth. Olivia was named the first United Nations Goodwill Ambassador for the Environment, and in 1991 co-founded the Children’s Health Environmental Organization [CHEC]. Olivia is a tireless advocate for wildlife and the environment, for cancer research and for children. The American Red Cross has also recently honored Olivia as their "Woman of the Year."


Executive Producer/Director/Editor/Co-Writer, Baby Wild Films.

Eight-time Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Michael Harris has used his unique affiliations to create some of the most imaginative television wildlife specials coming out of the Pacific Northwest. The weekly series Popular Science With Dean Stockwell [Writer/Editor for Belo Productions and Discovery Communications] won two International Monitor Awards, for "Outstanding Tape-Originated Television Series" and "Best Editing Team," and a coveted Broadcast Designers Association [BDA] Award. That series also was nominated for a National Emmy Award for its design and open. The youth version of that series, the weekly PopSci for Kids, went on to garner a nomination for a prestigious CableAce Award ["Outstanding Children & Youth Programming, Educational"] and for several seasons was the highest-rated series on Discovery Channel Kids. Another project for Belo and Eclipse Television, the hour-long magazine-format special called The Year in Sports [Producer/Writer/ Editor], cleared over 200 markets [including a prime-time slot on WABC/New York] and reached an estimated audience of seven million, and like Popular Science, took home BDA's top honors. His long-format work includes the critically acclaimed, nationally syndicated documentary film series from Eclipse Television, America's Passions [Producer/Writer/Editor; also Belo Productions], the nationally syndicated Eclipse special Hi-Tech Toys for the Holidays [also Screaming Flea Productions], and Orcas in the Balance, an independent KOMO Television [ABC, Seattle-Tacoma] Earth Agenda special [Executive Producer/Co-Writer/Editor/ Photographer] which went on to win an Emmy Award for "Outstanding Documentary, Current Issues," as well as garnering nominations for "Outstanding Editor, Program Length" and "Outstanding Photography, Program Length." That documentary was credited in part for a decision by then-Vice President Al Gore and U.S. Representative Norm Dicks to require tug escorts on all tankers coming into Puget Sound. Harris won another Emmy Award for his extraordinary wildlife series Baby Wild Films Presents: The Killer Whale People, hosted by Heart’s Nancy Wilson [Executive Producer/Writer/Photographer/Editor; "Outstanding Youth & Children Special or Series;" also nominated for "Outstanding Editor, Program Length"], and an Emmy for the syndicated special Cry of the Orca [Fisher Entertainment; two nominations]. Last year, he released Si Se Pueda, an independent film on organizations working to improve conditions for the Mexican migrant farmworker, today’s "Okies" [2002 Emmy-winner for "Outstanding Public Affairs Special"]. He’s also completed producing, writing, editing and shooting two specials in a spectacular new independent film series called The Inland Sea, hosted by renowned oceans advocate Jean-Michel Cousteau [2002 Emmy-winner for "Outstanding Writer" and "Outstanding Editor," nominated for "Oustanding Documentary, Current Issues"], and the second installment to his Baby Wild series, called Sea Otters, The Old Men of the Sea [two 2002 Emmy nominations, incl. "Outstanding Children & Youth Program]. Michael also has produced, written and edited non-broadcast presentations for such Northwest non-profit organizations as The 5th Avenue Theatre, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Paul Allen’s Experience Music Project. He also volunteers as President of the respected environmental organization Orca Conservancy. In a "BusinessWatch" profile of Harris, Everett Herald columnist James McCusker wrote that "Michael has the energy, the talent and the diversity of interests an entrepreneur in this industry needs."


Executive Producer/Music Director/Series Composer, Baby Wild Films.

What do Sony, Columbia-TriStar, 20th Century Fox, Paramount, Universal, MTM Productions, CBS, NBC, FOX, Warner Brothers, Michael Mann, Oliver Stone, George Lucas and Francis Ford Coppola have in common? They’ve all entrusted their work to seven-time ASCAP Award-winning composer Tim Truman. Truman is one of the most respected composers in Hollywood, with an impressive body of work that began with the classic Dabney Coleman/Geena Davis series, Buffalo Bill, and Jim Carrey's first television venture, Duck Factory. When the great Nelson Riddle passed away, Truman filled in as composer for the Newhart series, composing the music for six seasons and over 100 episodes, using a live orchestra. His success with these series led to the chance of a lifetime, writing the music for "Captain EO," a futuristic attraction for the Disneyland theme parks. Truman worked closely with Michael Jackson, producer George Lucas and director Francis Ford Coppola to create this magnificent project. His body of work also includes the NBC series Coming of Age, The Popcorn Kids, The Marshall [with Jeff Fahey], David Anspaugh's In the Company of Darkness [with Helen Hunt], and Central Park West [starring Lauren Hutten and Muriel Hemingway], as well as Movies of the Week for ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX. When Jan Hammer was exiting his post on Miami Vice, and after looking at over 100 composers, Michael Mann gave Truman the opportunity to complete the final 22-episode season of the hit series. Following his Vice duties, Truman composed the internationally recognized theme for Melrose Place and went on to score over 50 episodes of Melrose. He also composed and scored the Aaron Spelling series Sunset Beach, Pacific Palisades, Models Inc., Bullet Hearts and Spelling’s hit series, Charmed. Truman’s other television work includes MGM’s Fame and Stargate, and Fox’s Get a Life. His film work is also impressive. His collaborations include his work with Oliver Stone on his critically acclaimed feature South Central, and original music for such features as Inferno starring Ray Liotta, Angel’s Dance with James Belushi, and Good Luck starring James Earl Jones and Gregory Hines. Truman also scored the Showtime presentations of Marshal Law starring Jimmy Smits and Sketch Artist II starring Courtney Cox, the Orion/Motion Picture Corporation of America release Retroactive with James Belushi, as well as Usonia Pictures’ Executive Power. Tim Truman’s numerous awards include ASCAP’s "Most Performed Television Theme" for 1995, 1996 and 1997 for Melrose Place, "Top Television Series" in 1998 and 1999 for Charmed, a Gold Hugo Award for "Best Score" for Techno-Shock, and two Primetime Emmy Award Nominations in 1996 and 2000 for "Outstanding Achievement in Main Title Theme Music." He also was honored with a Northwest Regional Emmy Award as Producer for "Outstanding Children or Youth Series or Special" for Baby Wild Films Presents: The Killer Whale People. Tim also has been honored with two Northwest Regional Emmy Award nominations for "Outstanding Composer" his work on The Inland Sea With Jean-Michel Cousteau and Baby Wild Films Presents: Sea Otters, The Old Men of the Sea." Tim just completed an original theme and music for thirteen hour-long episodes of MGM’s new dramatic series, Jeremiah.


Broadcast Design & Additional Photography.

Cinematographer and Designer Mark Dwyer and Hype Productions out of Sonoma/San Francisco have won seemingly countless cinematography and design awards, including four Gold Apples at the New York Film Festival and the top award at the Houston Film Festival, over thirty Regional Emmy Awards, three National Emmy Award nominations, seven International Monitor Awards, four coveted Broadcast Design Association/International Design [BDA] Awards, a Parents Choice Award and a Communications Arts Award.   Mark and Baby Wild Films Executive Producer Michael Harris have collaborated on several successful television projects, including Popular Science With Dean Stockwell, National Emmy-nominee for Dwyer's main title sequence.   The series also went on to win three International Monitor Awards [incl. "Best Tape-Originated Television Series"], and the youth version of that series, PopSci, was for three years the top-rated program on Discovery Kids.  That series was nominated for a CableAce Award for "Outstanding Children & Youth Series, Educational."  Hype has created outstanding design packages for the British Broadcasting Corporation [BBC], C-Net, Entertainment Tonight/Paramount Pictures, King World/Vin de Bona Productions, NBC's NFL Live and The Samuel Goldwyn Company, as well as creating image campaigns for all three of the top network affiliates in the San Francisco television market.  They recently created the design package for The Other Side with Dick Clark, a new daily series for Buena Vista Television. Hype also has an impressive non-broadcast clientele that has included Commerce One, Edelman Worldwide, Levi Strauss & Co., Pepsi-Cola West and Experience Music Project, Paul G. Allen Foundation's new interactive rock 'n roll museum at the foot of Seattle's Space Needle.  They are widely considered to be one of the most imaginative and resourceful broadcast design teams in the country.


Scientific Consultant/Co-Writer/Still Photography.

Photographer and marine biologist Fred Felleman, MSc. completed his graduate research at the University of Washington on the Feeding Ecology of Orcinus Orca in 1986. Fred is credited as the primary force behind the establishment in 1994 of the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary. The Sanctuary protects whale habitats by banning offshore oil and gas development, providing an "Area to be Avoided" buffer zone for ships transiting this fragile ecosystem, and establishing higher standards for oil spill prevention and response capacity. It also catalyzed an idea that Fred put forth to the Washington State Legislature in 1991 to station a full-time rescue tug at Neah Bay, WA at the entrance to the Strait of Juan de Fuca dedicated to providing assistance to ships in distress. Since 1994, the tug has responded to at least 18 distress calls from crippled ships coming into the Strait. It has no doubt helped prevent a catastrophic oil spill in key orca and sea otter habitat. Fred's expertise in the fields of fisheries and maritime safety have earned him appointments by Washington State's Governors and Legislature as a member
of their Ocean Policy Work Group and Maritime Commission, as well as serving as Advisor to the Office of Marine Safety and Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission.  In addition to receiving many letters of appreciation for his public service, Fred was nominated by U.S. Senator Brock Adams for NOAA's Coastal Steward of the Year Award.  Fred’s broad understanding of the threats to the marine environment has been tapped by such national environmental organizations as Ocean Advocates, Ted Danson’s American Oceans Campaign, The Center for Marine Conservation and Earth Island Institute. Fred is also an accomplished stills photographer and his work has appeared in many regional and national publications, including The Discovery Channel magazine, Conde Naste Traveler, Ocean Realm and Sunset magazines. His stock photography is represented internationally by Getty Images. He writings on marine mammal biology and issues of maritime safety have been published widely in numerous technical and popular publications.

 Press Release: by One World/Baby Wild Films


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