US cover Click to enlarge US back cover Click to enlarge UK cover. Click to enlarge UK back cover Click to enlarge Video re-released in 1986 by Channel 5

Video of Olivia Newton-John's 1982 Physical tour recorded at Weber State University, Utah, USA (slightly shorter version also shown on TV throughout the world).

18 tracks:

  1. Deeper Than The Night
  2. Let Me Be There
  3. Please Mister Please
  4. If You Love Me, Let Me Know
  5. Jolene
  6. Sam
  7. Xanadu
  8. Magic
  9. Suddenly
  10. A Little More Love
  11. Silvery Rain
  12. Falling
  13. Heart Attack
  14. Make A Move On Me
  15. Hopelessly Devoted To You
  16. You're The One That I Want
  17. Physical
  18. I Honestly Love You

Total running approx 80 minutes, VHS format.

First released: 1983
MCA VHS 55124 (US)
Embassy 1241 (UK, Beta video)
Channel 5 Video re-released in 1986 (Stereo packaging) CFV 00522