1978 Fan Club

A company called Fan Club Corporation of America based in Ohio ran a fan club for Olivia. This only lasted 1- 2 years and they also ran fan clubs for Farrah Fawcett, Shaun Cassidy and Hardy Boys amongst others.

This was a one-off kit with no follow-up newsletters. All items were printed on cardboard except the poster.
Pack consisted of a red folder with biography; 8 x 10" (pre-printed) autographed photo; 5 x7" photo; two 4x5" photos; set of 6 color wallet photos; 5/8 x6" color postcard; bookmark, membership scroll plus card and a 16 x 20" color poster (unfortunately folded in four).

Hold your mouse over the images below for descriptions and click on the items for larger view. Thanks to Pedro Lam for some of these items.

cover of folder

inside of folder with biography

inside of folder with biography/award info

photo size 4 by 5"

unusual photo size 4 by 5

postcard 5/8 by 6"   the 6 wallet photos

photo size 5 by 7

photo 8 by 10" with pre-printed autograph

membership card    bookmark

membership scroll

the poster

general letter

Misc - item not part of the initial membership kit


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