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Headliners & Legends 2000

Matt Lauer of "Headliners & Legends" brings fans a unique and in-depth coverage of Olivia's career and life to date. With contributions from Olivia herself plus Chloe, Nancy Chuda, Pat and John Farrar, Olivia's mom, sister Rona and two members of Olivia's first group The Sol Four.

The program has excellent coverage of her early years in Australia and England. Many black and white clips are dug out of Network Seven's archives. Olivia treats us to a verse of the very first song she wrote "Why oh why did you go away?" about the pain of her parent's divorce.

Pat Farrar reveals that it was she in the early years who had all the ambition and Olivia came along just for the fun. Pat admits to pangs when it was Olivia's career that took off whilst she had to return Australia. John Farrar expresses his surprise at their success in America, he'd only ever expected to have hits in England.

For the first time Olivia publicly discusses (briefly) ex-boyfriend Lee Kramer who was also Olivia's manager in the 70s. This caused their relationship to be "too close, too intense". But meeting Matt was a chance to experience the childhood she'd never had due to her career - going fishing, hiking and camping together. Delightful home camcorder footage of Matt and young Chloe is shown.

The program highlights the tragic events of the early 90s which Olivia encountered. The death of Colette Chuda was like loosing Olivia's own child  and of fears during the first chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer. These are events none of us would ever wish to experience and the program deals with them sensitively.

After the in-depth coverage of the early years, the 80s and 90s  are a little patchy career-wise as Olivia's personal life comes to the forefront. However, we're treated to wonderful scenes from Sordid Lives and a quick peak at Olivia cutting her own hair for the role!

The program ends with Olivia wishing health and happiness for her daughter and for herself health and more of the peace she's finding.

Cringy joke - Perry Como (this was 1975) telling Olivia that America has welcomed her with open arms because of the way she looks!

Look out for - daughter Chloe performing for a very proud Olivia.


Initial airdate: August 2000
Initial broadcaster: MSNBC
Country of production: US
Duration: 60 mins
Type: Interview


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