Today Show

Initial airdate: 2005 (Feb 23)
Initial broadcaster: Nine
Country of production: AU
Duration: 15 mins
Type: interview

Olivia, live from Byron Bay, shows off her new health retreat "Gaia" (situated Northern Coast of NSW in Australia.). Olivia wasn't wearing shoes and explained she had been doing some painting. The camera panned down to her feet which Olivia tried to hide as they had some paint on (we couldn't see it).
The retreat has 20 cabins priced at around $400 per person per night including food. 
The retreat has a lot of light, wood, high ceilings and is surrounding by trees. It also has a personal touch because it includes some of Olivia's mom items including her bookcase and her mom's photos (see photo below).
The presenters asked Olivia if the local residents were happy about them opening the retreat there. Olivia replied that they were. In the past it had also been a retreat but in the last couple of years it had been used for "strange" things (the mind boggles!) and was very rundown until they took it over.
Olivia also mentioned the album she is making with Chong Lim and the Farnham band for Hallmark stores in aid of breast cancer.

Olivia with one of her mom's photos



Olivia's feet with paint on - apparently

Thanks to Peter for getting the footage to me.

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