Today Show - Australia

Initial airdate: 2005 (Dec 5)
Initial broadcaster: Nine 
Country of production: AU
Duration: 14 mins
Type: interview

Set in Olivia's new home, she has moved quite a bit since she gave up the beach environmental home, her protective dog, Jack, was also present. The interview talked about her Gold DVD and 80s hairstyles but also mentioned the disappearance of her boyfriend Patrick.

The interviewer, Richard Wilkins, asked Olivia why there was such a long gap between Patrick going missing and the public finding out when they may have been able to help. Olivia is clearly uncomfortable answering this but it was the police's decision. Olivia was clearly grateful that the public were very discreet and loving whilst she was touring America. Olivia tells Richard "You're my friend so you get this out of me. I wasn't going to say anything." However, Richard's next question about how she will cope with Christmas brought Olivia to tears and the interview had to be brought to a temporary halt.

The interview ends on a happier note talking about Olivia's cancer centre and daughter Chloe, Olivia describes her as a "sensitive songwriter."

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