The View

Initial airdate: 2005 (Oct 10)
Initial broadcaster: ABC
Country of production: US
Duration: 11 mins
Type: performance/interview

Olivia performed live Stronger Than Before and had a talk with the women on the show. They discussed how to handle a divorce where there are children involved. Olivia mentioned that she had made sure that she kept a friendship with Matt even when he re-married and occasionally had Matt and his wife over for Christmas dinner. She's learnt this from her mother, after her ex-husband (Olivia's father) had re-married and had children her mother sent the newborn gifts.

They briefly mentioned Patrick but Olivia didn't want to talk about it because it was painful and he had a young son. Olivia's recovery from cancer was also discussed and Olivia mentioned her belief in the connection between mind and body. When she was going through her divorce Olivia developed asthma, which she'd never experienced before, she put this down to the stress. Another host disagreed with the hypothesis that your mind creates illness and an amicable discussion was had about this theory.


Stronger Than Before (live)

thanks to Scott for getting this to me

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