Canada AM

Initial airdate: 2006 (June 15)
Initial broadcaster: CTV 
Country of production: Canada
Duration: 8 mins
Type: interview

Whilst in Canada recording her "healing" CD Olivia gave this interview to Canadian breakfast show AM.

The first part was about recovering from breast cancer which fans have heard before, of course this is still interesting to non hardcore fans.

However, the second part was more illuminating. Olivia talked about her career highlights - Grease, singing at the 2000 Olympics, her first hit, the first time she heard herself on the radio and her hit Physical. She was asked to give advice to the Canadian idols: to keep their feet on the ground and that '"you have to love to sing and not just want to be a star"

When asked how she survived in showbusiness she said it was mainly due to her academic family. They placed emphasis on your brain and what you could achieve. She said that she liked people and was gregarious by nature. Advice she lived by was not to believe the very good or the very bad in what the press wrote about you - the truth was somewhere in between.

Whilst on stage in the 80s with the crowd going crazy she always thought that tomorrow night they'd be going crazy for someone else. This made sure that her ego didn't get out of control. 

And quote of the interview "insecurity helps because then you never really think you're as great as people tell you."

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