Proud Mary


It's Cliff Richard Show

Fresh from her success in the United States Olivia visited the UK to promote her I Honestly Love You single back in September 1974. She made a guest appearance on Cliff Richard's weekly TV show.

Olivia got her first major TV break on Cliff Richard's shows in the early 70s. This, however, is her only appearance during the shows' 1974 run.

Olivia performs IHLY live then she's joined by Cliff for the Donny & Marie Osmond duet "I'm Leaving It All Up To You". Cliff jokes that he's twice Donny's age and Olivia admits to almost being twice Marie's age (1974 Marie 15: Olivia 26. Almost twice? Math was never Olivia's strong point!). During the duet Cliff does a wonderful impression of Donny - the voice and the teeth!

Changing into a nice grey trouser suit after a very 70s flowery dress Olivia and Cliff perform "All I Have To Do Is Dream" . The show finale is to "Proud Mary"  where Olivia joins in the dancing. As always Olivia and Cliff's voices blend perfectly!

Olivia's appearance is about 11 minutes in total. Fans ever resourceful in the 70s when home videomachines weren't available, filmed the TV using the best 1970s gear. Therefore the quality isn't great.

Sadly most of the 1970s Cliff Richard TV shows featuring Olivia are now said to be lost somewhere in the BBC archives.

Initial airdate: Sept 28 1974
Initial broadcaster: BBC1
Country of production: UK
Duration: 11 mins
Type: Performance

Songs Performed by Olivia (live)

I Honestly Love You
I'm Leaving It All Up To You (duet with Cliff)
All I Have To Do Is Dream (with Cliff)
Proud Mary (in chorus with Cliff and other guests Nolans and Pearly Gates)


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