Down Home Down Under

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Olivia was Glen Campbell's special guest on his TV special "Down Home, Down Under". This was filmed in Melbourne, Australia.

Olivia and Glen sang a couple of duets and Olivia performed a lovely version of Greensleeves dressed in a salmon dress/trouser combo.

Local children join Olivia and Glen for a couple of traditional Australian songs: My Boomerang Won't Come Back and Tie Me Down Kangaroo"


Olivia visits her old school hall where she performs a snippet of an opera song! She recalls being in the school play there - playing a cod fish! Glen retorts "that's one way of learning your scales" to which Olivia replies deadpan "That joke was in the school play, until we cut it out."

Olivia has a go at bowling at the Melbourne Bowling Club where Daryl Braithwaite from the group Sherbet joins Glen and Olivia to perform Olivia's hit Let Me Be There.

The special ends with Olivia and Glen singing Waltzing Maltilda at dusk.


Songs Performed:

Happy Together (with Glen Campbell)
My Boomerang Won't Come Back (with Glen)
Tie Me Down Kangaroo Down (with Glen)
Let Me Be There (with Glen and Daryl Braithwaite)
Waltzing Maltilda (chorus with Glen)


Initial airdate: 1975
Initial broadcaster: ?
Country of production: AU
Duration: 25 mins (ONJ segment)
Type: TV Special

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