Mike Douglas Show

Initial airdate: 1978 (May)
Initial broadcaster: Syndicated
Country of production: USA
Duration: 40 mins
Type: Interview/Performance

Whilst performing in Las Vegas Olivia appeared on Mike Douglas's show also in Las Vegas. Burt Reynolds was the co-host and he talked about asking her out on a date (she said no as she was involved with another man). Olivia is clearly embarrassed by this tale but becomes more comfortable when she and Burt discuss horses.

Olivia talks about enjoying filming Grease and getting up at 5.30am "with the birds." She also mentions that they are trying to bring back her movie Toomorrow and she thinks it would be a comedy now. Mike asks her how she'd cry for a movie. Olivia said she had to for Grease and was terrified for weeks. However, she put herself in the situation, her boyfriend had just been horrid to her, and she cried. John Travolta had appeared on stage with her the previous night to perform You're The One That I Want.

Olivia performs a lovely rendition of her self-penned song "Changes" which she'd written a few years ago in just 10 minutes.

Comedian Dom DeLuise is another guest. He compliments Olivia on her talent and her body. He jokes "you wrote that song in 10 minutes? I have another way you can spend 10 minutes, make it very interesting for you." It's not very often you hear men talk to Olivia so directly! Olivia merely giggles.

Olivia and Kenny Rogers perform Me and Bobby McGee. Olivia had included this song on her first solo 1971 album and Kenny has also recorded it. Kenny admits there's a problem as he sings it differently to the old standard version and he can't promise he'll remember the standard version. Their voices don't blend perfectly but they'd only had a short time to practice and it sounds good.

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