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This Special came after Olivia's success with Grease. Olivia is so very natural and sweet in this. Olivia and her guests ABBA and Andy Gibb work very well together. A great addition to any fan's collection as it features songs not found on any of Olivia's albums

Olivia and ABBA had briefly met when they were both contestants in the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest (ABBA came first with Waterloo, Olivia came fourth with the terrible Long Live Love). Despite this setback Olivia's career had since rocketed. ABBA had great success in Europe but, unlike Olivia, had yet to break America. Being Olivia's guests meant ABBA would be seen and heard by over thirty million American viewers.

"The whole things was a beautiful experience," said Benny from ABBA. "It was one of the best shows we've ever done. Olivia was a very lovely, warm person, and we all had a lot of fun doing the programme. Of course, we've done the usual quota of TV talk shows in America, but this one with Olivia was an important step for us. Besides presenting our music for large audiences of thirty to forty million viewers, we all sat down for a ten minute "rap" session which gave the whole thing more intimacy."

Olivia with Andy Gibb & ABBA

It was during the "rap" session that ABBA joined Olivia in singing The Beach Boys hit Barbara Anne. Frida delighted everyone when she sang some opera publicly for the first time. This informal session wasn't pre-scripted as Olivia wanted it to be natural, the friends sat around chatting, singing and joking. The result was achieved!

Olivia singing with the Southern Californian Community Choir is an unusual addition to the special but it's highly enjoyable to hear Olivia singing something so different from her usual style. Also of note Olivia and Gary Frank enacting a touching scene, to the backdrop of Olivia's Changes, as a husband and wife who've separated and have a young son.

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Theme: childhood

Best line delivered to Andy Gibb - Do you have any musical brother or sisters?

Watch out for: Olivia's two dogs on the set. Olivia's expression when the 10 year-old director tells her how to act

This program was also available in the US on laserdisc (but not VHS), as one of the early discs pressed by the MCA Discovision plant.

Initial airdate: 1978
Initial broadcaster: ABC
Country of production: US
Duration: 50 mins
Type: TV Special

Songs performed by Olivia:

Grow Young
The Days Of the Old Schoolyard (with Andy and ABBA)
If You love Me let Me Know (with Andy and ABBA)
Have You Never Been Mellow
Please Mr Please
Hopelessly Devoted to you
If You love Me let Me Know (reprise, with Andy and ABBA)
It's A Game (of Life)
Love everybody in my heart (with James Cleveland and the Southern Californian Choir)
Barbara Ann (with Andy and ABBA)
Jailhouse Rock (with Andy and ABBA)
Holiday - Bee Gees song (with Andy and ABBA)
What'll I Do
Just The Way You Are
Who Are you Now?
Thank You For the Music (with Andy and ABBA)

Special Guests:

Andy Gibb
Gary Frank
James Cleveland & the Southern Cal Choir

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