Parkinson 1978

Olivia is a guest on Michael Parkinson's 200th show. Michael Parkinson is a respected chat show host in the UK and he's still going strong in 2003.

Olivia is adorable on this and very modest about her recent success in Grease. She's also joined by the Hollywood great Gloria Swanson. Gloria offered Olivia some advice - not to take sugar in her tea and Olivia has been trying to follow this advice ever since.

Parkinson asks Olivia about future movies and whether she's ever been asked to appear nude. Olivia says no as they know she doesn't want to do that. Hustler magazine had recently offered Olivia a million dollars to pose nude but Olivia had turned them down thinking it "vulgar". Gloria is so taken with Olivia that she calls her "so lovely".


Olivia performs her sexy song A little More Love and then Dame Edna Everage is the next guest. Olivia gives Dame Edna an Australian badge with the icon of three ducks going up a wall (?). Olivia cracks up at Dame Edna's humour throughout.

Elton John is the final guest and jokes about his and Olivia's supposed romance. Some bathrooms in New York (called Johns) are labelled Elton for men and Olivia for the women


Initial airdate: 1978
Initial broadcaster: BBC1
Country of production: UK
Duration: 44 mins
Type: Interview/Performance

Songs Performed

A Little More Love


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