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Totally Hot video


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Mike Douglas 1979

Olivia along with her sister Rona and nephew Emerson (only 5 years old at the time) were Mike Douglas's special guests on his legendary talk show. Jeff Conaway from Grease, and also Rona's fiancée at that time, was co-hosting with Mike.

Olivia was in the middle of taking a 6 month break from work. Olivia thanks all her fans for sending letters and gifts to her whilst she was in hospital with flu earlier in the year (maybe a reason for the break).

To keep her ego in check Olivia keeps a photo on display in her house of her pulling a funny face taken during a photo shoot some years earlier. She treats viewers to the exact facial expression (see opposite).

During the show Olivia showcases her sexy new video and single Totally Hot. Mike asks about Olivia's fear of heights - for the video she had to jump 6-8 feet from a bench onto an airbag and she was terrified

Rona and Olivia are clearly very close and Emerson is very comfortable in Aunt Olivia's arms. However, it wasn't always so, Rona admits to being horrid to Olivia when they were younger. Olivia frightened of the dark was shut in cupboards by Rona!

The highlight of the show is Olivia, Rona, Jeff and Mike cooking an old Newton-John recipe - Potato and Leek soup. Jeff has trouble peeling and chopping the potatoes causing much amusement. Olivia however is a natural in the kitchen, instructing Mike how to cut up leeks so as not to waste any.



Initial airdate: June 1979
Initial broadcaster:
Country of production: US
Duration: 35 mins (ONJ segment)
Type: Interivew

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