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Olivia - Physical

A collection of Olivia's videos mainly from her 1981 album Physical. Brian Grant directed these innovative musical videos, this was pre-MTV and  won the 1982 Grammy for best video. Said to cost half a million dollars to produce, it was filmed in California (at Olivia's house), London and Hawaii. It boasted 35 per cent of the US viewing audience when it first aired.

It certain is wonderful - Olivia looks and sounds great. It was a bit of a shock for many after Olivia's "girl next door" image but Olivia clearly takes some pleasure from this. The videos to Strangers Touch, Recovery and Silvery Rain are of special note.

The TV version and the version released on home VHS are different. The TV version contains a few sketches with Olivia around her Malibu ranch. The video in the stores didn't contain any of the dialogue but you got two extra songs - Love Make Me Strong and Falling.

Best ONJ line (on TV version) - "If you have any pre-conceived ideas about me or the 80s you better hold onto your hats!"

Watch out for - Matt Lattanzi in the Landslide video. The keyboard player during Make a Move on Me.

Most controversial moment - the young men walking to the shower hand in hand at the end of the Physical video. The video was often cut by TV Stations before this point.

Olivia's favorite moment - swimming with the dolphins for the Promise video (filmed in Hawaii)

Initial airdate: 1981
Initial broadcaster: ABC
Country of production: US
Duration: 55 mins
Type: TV Special

Falling - behind the scenes

Landslide video

TV version

TV version





Songs performed by Olivia:

Carried Away
A little More love
The Promise (The Dolphin Song)
Love Make Me Strong
Stranger's Touch
Make A Move on Me
Silvery Rain
Hopelessly Devoted To You

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