Dick Cavett - Behind The Scenes

Initial airdate: 1983
Initial broadcaster: HBO
Country of production: US
Duration: 25 mins
Type: Interview

Olivia and John Travolta join Dick Cavett for an interview to promote Two of a Kind. The interview has quite a lot of sexual banter; with talk of orgies (which Olivia wisely keeps out of) and Dick ending the interview with "thank you for letting us into this home that you share secretly."

Dick asks about nudity in movies after showing the clip of Olivia and John's love scene. Olivia recalls her Toomorrow 1970 movie. The script called for an underwear scene, the very thought of which caused Olivia to burst into tears (in the end she wears a short shirt). John denies that he's been nude in a movie: "if you'd seen it you'd remember it"

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