Magic in the rain



Japanese Charity Concert

Love Saves The Earth - 24 hour concert

Olivia visited Japan in 1991 especially to take part in this 24 hour fundraising concert to help the environment. Olivia has always had a strong following in Japan and the Japanese are always delighted to see her. The audience were a little more subdued than normal possibly because of the windy, wet weather for this outdoor concert.

For Olivia's first song, Magic, she sings beneath an umbrella. She uses the umbrella to dance with but by the end of the song the clouds had cleared and the umbrella was discarded.  Proof of her "non superstar" approach to life - Olivia makes sure to pick up the umbrella before she leaves the stage rather than leave it for a stage-hand to clear up!

Olivia clearly cares about the cause, there is total sincerity as she makes a plea to the Japanese audience to all do their bit to save the planet. When asked her advice, it was to educate children how to look after the earth.

Olivia also sings in the chorus of Ever Green Love with the Japanese hosts and children's choir. The verses are in Japanese to which Olivia hums along to, perhaps a little awkward to do but Olivia pulls it off smiling.

All the songs are sung live except Physical which is mimed - possibly because Olivia runs and dances around the stage despite her long white dress.

Best line - "this is my Gene Kelly impersonation - Singing in The rain" (Olivia  just before she is to perform Magic in the rain)

Touching moment - dedicating Somewhere Over The Rainbow to Colette who had recently died.

Initial airdate: 1991
Initial broadcaster: ?
Country of production: Japan
Duration (ONJ's part): 26 mins
Type: Concert


Songs Performed by Olivia

I Honestly Love You
Physical (mimed)
Somewhere Over The Rainbow

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