Olivia Newton-John Ned & Stacey

Olivia Newton-John Ned & Stacey

Olivia Newton-John  - sick of being nice

Olivia Newton-John Ned & Stacey

Olivia Newton-John Ned & Stacey

Olivia Newton-John - felt so good!

Olivia Newton-John ketchup on shirt

Olivia Newton-John Ned & Stacey


Ned & Stacey

Olivia appeared as a special guest star on the sitcom Ned & Stacey, the episode called Reality Check. Her friend Del Shores (writer/director of Sordid Lives movie) was the producer of this series which ran from September 1995 until January 1997. Stacey was played by Debra Messing who went onto star in Will & Grace. Also of note is the cast member Greg Germann who afterwards rose to fame as Richard Fish in Ally McBeal, he played Stacey's brother-in-law.

Olivia's guest appearance playing herself is clearly written as a joke about her sweet and wholesome image. The lead male character, Ned, wants Olivia to present a commercial about his computer so takes her out to lunch at a restaurant where Stacey is waitressing. Stacey is star-struck by THE Olivia Newton-John delivering lines such as "I'm Hopelessly Devoted to taking your order" and presenting Olivia's drink singing: "here's your fizzy cola, your fizzy cola, let's get into fizzy cola" to the tune of Physical.

However, Stacey makes a mess of Olivia's order giving her straight scotch instead of cola and then on realizing her mistake blurting out to Olivia "Sorry, you're an alcoholic aren't you?" To add insult to injury Stacey then gives Olivia a cloth covered with ketchup. This causes Olivia to loose her cool and to our delight becomes all angry and just downright mean (all in the name of acting of course!).

Stacey tries to calm Olivia down with the fact that she played Sandy in high school but Olivia isn't to be mollified and replies with a voice dripping with sarcasm "Oh what a coincidence I was in the mooovie!" Then telling Ned to shut up and shouting at the top of her voice that the computer he's selling sucks Olivia rushes out of the restaurant declaring that she's never felt so good!

This episode has aired around the world and is often repeated on American TV.

Best line - "I'm just so sick of being nice!"

Look out for - Olivia's facial expressions as she acts angry.

This is now available on DVD - details


Initial airdate: Nov 13 1996
Initial broadcaster: FOX
Country of production: US
Duration: 5 mins (ONJ segment)
Type: Acting

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