Wetten Dass

Initial airdate: 1996 (Jan 13)
Initial broadcaster: ZDF
Country of production: Germany
Duration: 55 mins
Type: Interview

 Olivia went on this long running German show to promote Gaia and help promote the German stageshow of Grease (see photos). She was on the show for about an hour but her actual interview was just 10 minutes.

Olivia also took part in the fun and games. Three glassblowers bet that they could skiprope with a thread made out of glass. Olivia believed them because she was a positive thinker. If they failed Olivia would have to play a traditional German song on the recorder whilst her sister Rona (who was in the audience) sang. However, the glassblowers succeeded so, unfortunately for the viewers, Olivia was spared this! There was also a curious game whereby a woman had to guess types of bras whilst blindfolded.

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